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Whying is a direct-to-consumer clothing brand based in the Hudson Valley of New York. We are a concept driven brand inspired by the philosophy of questioning. We believe that extraordinary exist out of the ordinary through a shift in our outlook. We create wearable-conceptual clothing by deconstructing stereotypes and redefine them to present our version of everyday to you. At Whying, we want our pieces to be a conversation rather than a statement. Clothing is a tool to express your perspective, to celebrate your quirks, explore your ideas, that make everyday anew. Let's explore!


Hello! This is Farah Faizi. I am the one who distorts stereotypes and creates the blueprints for Whying garments. I am originally from Mumbai, India. After completing my Bachelors' in Fashion Design in San Francisco, I moved to the Hudson Valley in New York.


My refusal to accept unpaid internships and carry coffee mugs around for the staff, led me to dive into the most important but uncomfortable question - ‘What is the purpose of my life?’


The answer was the start of the Whying journey. My process as a designer is intertwined with my role as a pattern-maker. I conceive ideas three-dimensionally. Draping allows me to touch and mould fabric, to communicate my ideas, giving me the freedom to go beyond traditional shapes.

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